Turkish Cultural Day Celebrated at State House

Turkish Cultural Day Celebrated at State House – April 3, 2012

AUGUSTA – The traditions of The Republic of Turkey have spread to Maine. For the first time ever, Turkish Cultural Day was celebrated in the State House. On Tuesday, more than one hundred people, including Governor Paul LePage, Attorney General William J. Schneider, Speaker of the House Robert Nutting, Senators and Representatives gathered in the Hall of Flags to promote the Turkish culture, cuisines and folk dances.

Governor Paul LePage joined Council of Turkic American Association President, Furkan Kosar, the President of Marmara Spring Businessmen Associations, TABID New England Vice President Ahmet Avci and the President of Turkish Cultural Center of Maine to mark the occasion.

Turkey’s economy is the 15th largest economy in the world, making them a strong competitor in today’s global economy. In remarks, the Governor included the importance of having such events as today’s to build bridges between Turkey and the U-S.

“My goal for Maine is to make Maine a destination for investors from all over the world,” said Governor LePage. “With Turkey being a leader in economic growth, it is important we put Maine on the map of places to invest. Whether these investors are considering Maine for agriculture, energy, construction, or food it’s a very important connection to make,” commented the Governor.

At the end of his speech, Governor LePage declared April 3, 2012 as Turkish Cultural Day in Maine with a Proclamation stating “Maine recognizes the positive impact of the Turkic-American community upon the educational, social, cultural and economic development of our state and nation …”


M. Emin Kose gave remarks on behalf of Marmara Spring Businessmen Association. Mr. Kose said “We are pleased to visit this beautiful state and meet with great people of Maine. In addition to this pleasant cultural exchange, we have come here to investigate future business and investment opportunities.”

It was a special day organized in the state house promoting Turkish culture, cuisine, and folk dances,  as well as exhibition of Turkiye…


After the speeches, whirling dervishes performed their spiritual dances with their traditional costumes. And lunch was served featuring a rich variety of Turkish food, many guests who seemed to be enjoying the day.

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