Embrace Relief Humanitarian Campaigns

Soma Mining Disaster

On Tuesday, May 13th, a mining disaster claimed the lives of nearly 300 miners in Soma in Manisa, Turkey. According to news reports, the death toll is still rising. The disaster was caused by a fire in the mine. Efforts were made to save the victims, however only 88 have been rescued.

On behalf of Embrace Relief and the Turkic American Alliance, we would like to convey our condolences to the friends and relatives of the miners and our deepest sympathies to the families.

Now it is time to help the families of the victims. Embrace Relief has started a campaign for the families affected by the Soma mining disaster.

Please consider donating to Embrace Relief for this campaign at http://embracerelief.org/809-2/.


Bosnia and Serbia Floods

Thousands had to leave their homes on Saturday, May 11th, when the worst flood in over 100 years hit Bosnia and Serbia. At least 35 people died from the flood and more than tens of thousands were left homeless. Thousands were evacuated but some are still trapped in their homes by the high waters.

The flood is threatening Serbia’s largest power plant in Belgrade. Volunteers from all over the country are desperately trying to protect the country’s largest source of electricity.

The flood has left thousands with no shelter, food, drinking water, or clothes. The people of the Balkans need your help. We have started a campaign and are collecting donations to send supplies to the victims.

Please consider donating to Embrace Relief for this campaign at http://embracerelief.org/809-2/.


Deadly Tornado in Arkansas and Mississippi

On April 27th, a deadly tornado hit several small communities in five counties (Faulkner, Pulaski, White, Independence and Jackson) in Central Arkansas and Mississippi on its southwest-northeast tract that is only 10 to 30 miles northwest of Little Rock, the state capital.

Thirty people have died and over 200 people have been injured. Tens of homes have been destroyed while many more were damaged in a matter of minutes during the evening hours on Sunday. Tornado warning sirens were heard all around the city of Little Rock on Sunday.

As part of Embrace Relief’s mission, we initiated a campaign to help those who are affected by the deadly tornado. Donations collected during this campaign will be delivered to authorized people in the cities. Please respond generously.

Ways to contribute:

  1. Donate Items
  2. Donate Money

In addition, items like Bottled Water, Canned Food, Blankets, Clothes, Baby Formula, Diapers, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste are collected at Raindrop Turkish House at 1501 Market Street Little Rock, AR 72211.

Please consider donating to Embrace Relief for this campaign at http://embracerelief.org/809-2/.


Embrace Relief

Embrace Relief is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that brings together teams of volunteers to collaborate on local aid and disaster relief efforts. These teams provide an array of support, offering to assist financially, emotionally, and physically with the needs of families and communities ravaged by disaster. The foundation collects, delivers and distributes supplies and resources to families, individuals and institutions.

The mission of Embrace Relief is to coordinate and provide the necessities and sustenance that disadvantaged and disaster-stricken individuals would otherwise have little to no other means to obtain, such as food, housing, education, skill training, counseling, clothing, school supplies, etc. While Embrace Relief dedicates much of its resources to aid efforts such as natural disasters, it also makes considerable investments in education that prepare children to learn and engage in their education at school. We support stronger cognitive development, increased stimulation, improved health and nutrition, and enhanced teacher development.

Embrace Relief, its staff and its volunteers believe that every member of society can give back to their communities in any shape or form, within a pleasant and respectful environment that accepts no judgments or discrimination.