The 4th Annual Turkish Cultural Day held in Maine State House

On Wednesday, February 4th, the Turkish Cultural Center-Maine held its Fourth Annual Turkic Cultural Day at the State House. With over 150 distinguished guests and visitors throughout the day, our event was a great success.

Governor Paul LePage started the program off with a welcoming keynote speech. The Governor was followed by Senator Roger Katz, who spoke about his concern for the press freedom in Turkey. Senator Katz, having visited Turkey, also spoke about his concern for the corruption that is making headlines outside of Turkey. House Majority Leader Rep. Jeff McCabe, and Rep. Richard Farnsworth were the final speakers as the host of the event.

Mr. Eyup Sener, President of Turkish Cultural Center & Regional Director of Council of Turkic American Associations, spoke for the Turkish Cultural Center, with this message focusing on the current turmoil and corruption in Turkey and the unwarranted arrests of hundreds of journalists and those involved with the media.

Our special guest was Mr. Aydin Cayir, one of the most famous Turkish Calligraphy artists in Turkey. Mr. Cayir demonstrated his talent and presented everyone in attendance their name, written in calligraphy, on a special name plate.
There was plenty of traditional Turkish food for everyone to enjoy. Lunch was followed by Turkish coffee, provided by Christine Abichaker, owner of Olive & Bean, Co.

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