Humanitarian Aid

Embrace Relief



Embrace Relief is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that brings together teams of volunteers to collaborate on local aid and disaster relief efforts. These teams provide an array of support, offering to assist financially, emotionally, and physically with the needs of families and communities ravaged by disaster. The foundation collects, delivers and distributes supplies and resources to families, individuals and institutions.

The mission of Embrace Relief is to coordinate and provide the necessities and sustenance that disadvantaged and disaster-stricken individuals would otherwise have little to no other means to obtain, such as food, housing, education, skill training, counseling, clothing, school supplies, etc. While Embrace Relief dedicates much of its resources to aid efforts such as natural disasters, it also makes considerable investments in education that prepare children to learn and engage in their education at school. We support stronger cognitive development, increased stimulation, improved health and nutrition, and enhanced teacher development.

Embrace Relief, its staff and its volunteers believe that every member of society can give back to their communities in any shape or form, within a pleasant and respectful environment that accepts no judgments or discrimination.