Maine Legislators Visit Turkey

Turkish Cultural Center of Maine in collaboration with the Council of Turkic American Associations organized an intercultural trip to Turkey for State Legislators from Maine.

Maine State Senator Roger Katz, State Representatives Karen Kusiak, and Dennis Lee Keschl were in Turkey for an unofficial visit. During their trip to Turkey, they visited Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Trabzon. Their trip to Trabzon had a special meaning since KARGID (Association of Turkish Businessmen of the Black Sea) personally invited the State legislators.

As Senator Katz pointed out, the main purpose of the trip was to develop economic, educational, and cultural relations between Turkey and the US. Throughout their trip, they had a chance to visit various economic and educational institutions that specialize in Turkey-US relations. Sen. Katz pointed out that Turkey and the US have close relations with each other because of the mutual history and by having these kind of trips they are taking those relations to another higher level. Due to their mutual history, Sen. Katz pointed out that Turkey and the US have close relations with each other; therefore, by having these kinds of trips, they take those relations to a higher level.

Moreover, Ahmet Altintas, President of the KARGID, emphasized that hosting highly ranked government officials and prominent businessmen from the US and all over the world has a special meaning for Turkey because those guests can experience true Turkish hospitality and spread it to the world. In addition, he stated that since the US has exceptionally developed technology and a rich economy, there are a lot of things that Turkey can learn from them. He is looking forward to working with more American colleagues in the near future.

Maine State Representatives Kusiak and Keschl, who have visited Turkey before, were also impressed with the rapid social and economic developments in the region. They also stated that these trips will become more frequent to give more politicians and businessmen a chance to visit Turkey and continue developing friendly ties with a great ally.

The Legislators’ trip to Turkey was accompanied by Eyup Sener, President of the Turkish Cultural Center Maine and New England Regional Director Council of Turkic American Association . TCC Maine is a non-for-profit and non-governmental organization and a member of the Council of Turkic American Associations.

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