Special Boat Tour & Ramadan Celebration

TCC Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont & branches continue to share holiday greeting programs.

The Turkish Communities living in New Hampshire, Vermont & Maine were not forgotten during major holidays, and have also participated in boat tours and greeting programs also have brought family’s together during important and much respected cultural holidays filled with happiness and possibilities.

From the Consulate General of Turkey in Boston, Vice Consul, Derya Kara had joined the tour with her family, but to also surprise our newly married couple, during the holiday greeting on our tour.

TCC Board Member Aydin Kayabay and Gulbahar Kayabay had exchanged vows and also had their marriage ceremony. Those who participated in our tour took part in two events at one time. Consul Kara, was proud to see the Turkish community come together. Kara has not forgotten about our newly married couple, by wishing them a life-long of happiness.

The cruise ship had departed from Hampton Beach and had not forgotten about pastries such as baklava which are usually made and served during the end of Ramadan, to celebrate the holiday. Those children that attended the greeting program have received various amounts of gifts.

Nedim Aycaner, the captain of the boat said he was happy to see the Turkish community come together on such an important day. Captain Aycaner has expressed that those living in the U.S. without their parents, have not seem to forget about calling them and also wishing them a happy holiday and had said that the Turkish community has always shown a need for such activities and programs.

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