Testimonial by Senator Joseph and Claire Brannigan



Maine Senator Joseph and Claire Brannigan


Our trip to Turkey was well planned and well executed. Our leaders Eyup and his able assistant Onercan kept us safe and always going in the right direction. The selections of places to visit were appropriate, instructive and interesting. The pace at times was a stretch but doable.

We were greatly impressed by the people we met and the sights we saw. The pace of growth, the amount of land under cultivation, the devotion to landscaping along highways and in parks was observed in all the cities we visited.

The people we met were warm, friendly and welcoming. They seemed devoted to education and the forward look of Turkey. The home visits and meals with four families was a treat and helped us understand the culture. The male domination in the home, work places and places of worship was foreign to us but not unexpected.

The underlying presence of the “Movement/Service/Gulen” was and still is and still is intriguing.

We look forward to knowing and understanding more. We are grateful for the part it played in affording us this wonderful adventure.

We look forward to continuing contact and involvement with future Turkey and Maine friendships.


Senator Joseph and Claire Brannigan